Starting a business can be super awesome.

You have opportunities you never thought possible. You meet so many cool and inspiring folks. Your work is fulfilling. Maybe you even get to travel the world…

There’s a flip side to all this stuff though:

Starting a business is also a LOT of work— and sometimes it can feel like you’re just barely keeping up with it all…

As an early stage startup founder, you’re responsible for EVERYTHING:

  • Validating your idea
  • Launching your website
  • Developing your app
  • Marketing your company
  • Pitching investors
  • Research & development

Plus, you know, paying freelancers, employees, and just keeping the lights on 🙂

It can be super overwhelming!

So I want you to pay close attention to this and really take it to heart:

Nothing is more valuable than your time.

So if you want to maximize your profits (and maintain your sanity) you have to AUTOMATE everything you possibly can!

And one of the fastest, easiest, and most affordable ways to automate stuff is with Zapier.

Zapier is hands-down one of the most valuable tools I’ve used to grow my business. And I’m breaking down exactly why in this episode of Tara’s Toolkit!

No matter what kind of business you’re building, Zapier makes it super easy to connect applications and automate repetitive tasks… so you can spend your time on other, more profitable activities.

Not bad, right?!

Check it out:

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