Some businesses are pretty straightforward.

A lot of franchises are like this. Pay the fee, choose a location, hire some folks and BOOM — you’re on your way.

But launching your startup is WAY different.

And here’s the brutal truth:

Somewhere along the way, you WILL fail. And sometimes, you will fail SPECTACULARLY.

I know all about failing spectacularly lol… and so do most of the entrepreneurs I know.

Thing is, when you’re launching your startup, sh#t happens. But sometimes that’s all you need to get things back on track.

My friend Marcos knows all about this. A little while ago, Marcos had hundreds of thousands of users for his startup, YouRoam, which sounds pretty awesome! But he also had a BIG problem: YouRoam wasn’t making enough money 😦

Marcos knew something had to change.

So he decided to do what most startups will have to do at some point…

He decided to PIVOT.

Pretty much overnight, Marcos turned his business model upside down and took a COMPLETELY different approach.

It wasn’t easy.

It was kinda scary.

But guess what?

After the big pivot, YouRoam is at the top of its game, kicking serious a$$ and disrupting the multi-billion dollar communications industry!

Marcos recently stopped by to share how he did it — and give you the insider’s secrets for pivoting like a BOSS and transforming your startup.

Check it out:

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