Here’s something kind of sad…

Most folks spend a TON of time trying to get more followers on social media.

But guess what?

Thing is, you can have a MILLION followers (or more!) but it’s all worthless if they’re not actually interested in your business.

THE BIG CHALLENGE: Finding followers who actually give a crap about your business!

THE SOLUTION: I’ve actually got a super easy way to find these high-value folks on Instagram!

So a couple days ago I sat down with Dan (my marketing manager) to review the awesome tool we use to build a super-motivated group of followers on Instagram — WITHOUT spending a ton of time or money!

It’s the first episode in a new series I’m doing called Tara’s Toolkit,” where I review some of my favorite tools for non-technical entrepreneurs who want to build apps and market their businesses!

If you’d like to monetize social media and find high-value prospects, you really owe it to yourself to check out the episode:

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